A writing fool

Oh, hey guys! It’s me! Sorry for the lack of posting the past couple of months. After the release of book 2, I took a break from writing. I’m now back into the thick of writing book 3 and I am 5 chapters in or about 16% of my writing goal of 90,000 words. I found that once I started writing that it got easier to write. I’m still not much of a plotter because I can come up with interesting plot points out of thin air.

This next novel, The Bounding Main, is a story of exploration in the world of Simvie Loko. Only a small part of the globe is known to the Citizens and their new partners, the 49ers. They’ve come together to map out the rest of the globe and make sense of their shared world.

Aiding them in their exploration are these assets:

An RB-36 Peacemaker recon plane…

and a ship similar to this.


I still anticipate finishing the story by the end of the year.

Rasere’s War with the Beta Readers

I’ve reached the next step on my way to self-publishing. On the 27th I’ve sent my draft to my beta readers with instructions on what sort of feedback I am looking for. Using their feedback I will see what I can do with it, possibly rewriting, adding or deleting material. After that is completed I will work on formatting the ebook, adding front and back material and cover art. I anticipate completing this by new years.

1st Edit done

My first self-edit for Rasere;s War is done. I made a couple of passes with the Grammarly app and rewrote a few sections to make them flow better, I had to modify one character a little bit as I was not happy with how he came across. I could easily see how my writing slowly improved over the length of the novel. I still have a way to go as I am still finding my writing voice.

My next step will include finding a few beta readers to check for the feel and consistency of the story. I am also working on the ancillary pages such as a preface, glossary, dedications, acknowledgments, and cover art.


Editing, first pass

As it stands, to date I have written one short story (20k words) and two novels (71K and 91k words). I am currently doing an edit on the first draft of novel #1, Rasere’s War. I can see as I go from chapter to chapter that my writing slowly got a little bit better. Not near as good as my second novel, but improving nonetheless. I did have the luxury of having someone else give it a read through, but she mostly caught spelling errors and the like. As I go through it I see a lot of run-on sentences, repetition of words, and filler sentences that add nothing to the story.


My plan is to get Rasere’s War to beta readers to solicit their input and then proceed to a final draft for self-publication by early next year. (2018)


Welcome to my blog

Hello, current and future readers of my material!


I am starting this blog to separate my Second Life blog from my writing content. They are, of course, naturally linked, but since I am endeavoring to become a published author I have decided to adopt a pen name and blog under this persona. This site will become my point of contact to the outside world for all things related to my writing. If you want to keep up with my activities in Second Life then please follow my SL blog.


On this site, you’ll see excerpts from my past and current writing projects, links to relevant articles about writing, technology, virtual worlds, and any other topic related to my writing and writing in general. I’ll be migrating some of my previous content to here in the next few days.