Reconstructing an identity using archived media of the deceased

Another fascinating article about using social media to replicate or synthesize personalities. 

Replika AI, the app created by Russian programmer Euginia Kuyda, uses a person’s digital conversations and history to create a AI-powered chatbot that replicates their communication patterns. In their study, the researchers applied Replika AI to deceased individuals through the collection of digital memories and accounts from this person’s friends and close ones.

The AI system they proposed would be a 3-D digital avatar that looks and sounds like a deceased loved one. This avatar would access digital data directly from the cloud.

This is how the characters in my novels were created.

Upload your mind to a virtual simulation?

Two of the main characters in my upcoming novel, We Built This City, are humans from the year 2025 who cryogenically freeze their bodies after getting serious radiation sickness. Due to the damage incurred by the process, they are not able to be physically revived but instead have their brains uploaded into the virtual world of Simvie Loko. Scientist are now exploring the process of doing such a thing as witnessed by this news article:

Meet Andrew and Brandy Jenson, the married frozen couple who move to Bay City.

Celebrity faces impersonated

I found these incredible Youtube videos on artificially generated faces posted by Tero Karras, a researcher at Nvidia.

Working from a photo database of 30,000 celebrity faces, the two algorithms learned about different details, like beards and jewelry, that make a face look real to the human eye, and then engaged in a rapid-fire back-and-forth process that produced amazingly realistic results. None of the good-looking folks you see are real, but you’d never know it.

This has implications for the modeling world and eventually the acting profession too. Once faces and bodies can be made to move and speak like a human being, actors will undoubtedly find less work.




Uploaded Brains

A Fascinating video that touches a few things I have in my novels. In my second novel, I have a married couple that had their brains frozen and then they were revived nearly 500 years later into a virtual world.
A fascinating video that touches on a few of the themes in my novels.A fascinating video that touches on a few of the themes in my novels.