Book Island release party transcript

On the date of Rasere’s War release, I hosted an event on Book Island in Second Life while in the guise of my avatar, GoSpeed Rasere. Here is a lightly edited transcript of the event.

[08:29:07] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hello Tripod!
[08:29:14] Dahlia Jayaram: Hi Trip =)
[08:29:15] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Good morning
[08:29:25] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Congratulations on your publishing
[08:29:34] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Hi Dahlia
[08:29:40] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Thank you!
[08:30:12] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): and my playlist has kicked in
[08:30:19] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Is this your first experience with self publication?
[08:30:43] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Hello Iva
[08:30:53] Dahlia Jayaram: Hi Iva
[08:31:02] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Hiya.
[08:32:10] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Greetings early arrivals! Continue reading Book Island release party transcript

Welcome to my blog

Hello, current and future readers of my material!


I am starting this blog to separate my Second Life blog from my writing content. They are, of course, naturally linked, but since I am endeavoring to become a published author I have decided to adopt a pen name and blog under this persona. This site will become my point of contact to the outside world for all things related to my writing. If you want to keep up with my activities in Second Life then please follow my SL blog.


On this site, you’ll see excerpts from my past and current writing projects, links to relevant articles about writing, technology, virtual worlds, and any other topic related to my writing and writing in general. I’ll be migrating some of my previous content to here in the next few days.