Upload your mind to a virtual simulation?

Two of the main characters in my upcoming novel, We Built This City, are humans from the year 2025 who cryogenically freeze their bodies after getting serious radiation sickness. Due to the damage incurred by the process, they are not able to be physically revived but instead have their brains uploaded into the virtual world of Simvie Loko. Scientist are now exploring the process of doing such a thing as witnessed by this news article:


Meet Andrew and Brandy Jenson, the married frozen couple who move to Bay City.

Merry Christmas!

I’m currently waist deep in the editing process for Rasere’s War and We Built This City. So many words make my head spin at times!


Of the 9 Beta Readers who signed up, I have only gotten feedback from one. Their input has been valuable and I’ve made a few changes to the story. Nothing major though, just a few consistency, redundancy, and grammatical edits were called for. Hoping to hear back from the other 8 readers soon.