About Me

I began my writing journey a few years ago when I wrote a story of my avatar coming to life and coming to live at my real life residence. I never bothered finishing that story but the idea of writing about my avatar persisted. Jumped forward to 2015 when my favorite pod-cast author, Scott Sigler did a 2 part episode about writing. I then vowed to begin writing my own stories. One short story and two novels later I am on the verge of self-publishing. I am fully aware my skills at writing are nowhere near those of the literary greats, but in the world of publishing, there is room for a range of writers from the excellent to the mundane. I hope I tend towards the excellent myself. Experience and feedback will certainly guide my development.

Who am I?

A 50 something, middle-class, Navy Veteran, American.

Yup, that’s kinda brief, but I do like to remain a bit of a mystery. I’m here to entertain with my stories and not blather on about my real life unless I decide to make it a story.