Book Island release party transcript

On the date of Rasere’s War release, I hosted an event on Book Island in Second Life while in the guise of my avatar, GoSpeed Rasere. Here is a lightly edited transcript of the event.

[08:29:07] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hello Tripod!
[08:29:14] Dahlia Jayaram: Hi Trip =)
[08:29:15] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Good morning
[08:29:25] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Congratulations on your publishing
[08:29:34] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Hi Dahlia
[08:29:40] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Thank you!
[08:30:12] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): and my playlist has kicked in
[08:30:19] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Is this your first experience with self publication?
[08:30:43] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Hello Iva
[08:30:53] Dahlia Jayaram: Hi Iva
[08:31:02] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Hiya.
[08:32:10] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Greetings early arrivals![08:32:25] Otter Xue: Hello πŸ™‚
[08:32:35] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Hello Otter
[08:32:55] Dahlia Jayaram: Hi Otter
[08:32:58] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): GoSpeed, what an exciting time!
[08:33:07] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): When we get a few more people showing up I will open the floor to questions. I’ve never been to a book luanch event before so I am playing it by ear πŸ˜‰
[08:34:26] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I am streaming over my station, KONA Stream, a selection of music that in a way tell the story of the novel.
[08:38:54] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hi Clover!
[08:39:55] MystiTool HUD 2.0.2: Entering chat range: Maureen Boccaccio (18m)
[08:40:00] Clover Jinx: Mo!
[08:40:04] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hey Mo!
[08:40:07] Maureen Boccaccio waves hi
[08:40:23] Dahlia Jayaram: Hi Maureen!
[08:40:25] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): come join us in the circle
[08:40:39] Clover Jinx: oh dang i had peoples turned off. brb
[08:41:05] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Better now, Clover?
[08:41:09] Clover Jinx: there we go, now i won’t sit on anyone
[08:41:20] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Like we’d complain.
[08:41:25] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer) laughs
[08:41:26] Maureen Boccaccio: So excited for you, GoSpeed!
[08:41:29] Clover Jinx: heheh
[08:41:31] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): YAY! (yay!)
[08:41:34] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Yes, totally!
[08:41:53] Trip (tripod.cyclops): I’ll be back, I have something to attend to
[08:41:58] Clover Jinx: been waiting for this day
[08:41:58] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): ok
[08:42:17] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hi Tali!
[08:42:27] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Talli! Hi.
[08:42:31] Maureen Boccaccio: Iva, in my viewer, you do not look comfy! :p
[08:42:50] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Hmm..
[08:42:54] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Iva looks like a femme fatale
[08:43:00] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Seems mostly ok to me.
[08:43:05] Talitha Alice. Artist (talligurl): Hi
[08:43:07] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): It’s the gloves
[08:43:23] Dahlia Jayaram: I thought she was popping some snacks into her mouth and looking relaxed.
[08:43:32] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hi Txep!
[08:43:58] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Tsawke!
[08:44:05] Maureen Boccaccio: Mind you, Iva, you look marvelous! But..not comfy. Ah there you are.
[08:44:17] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Better.
[08:44:17] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): oops… sorry
[08:44:31] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Sometimes certain sit poses just do not work.
[08:44:38] Maureen Boccaccio: yup
[08:44:53] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Guess I’ll start
[08:45:04] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): =}
[08:45:20] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Welcome everybody. Today marks the release date of my premiere novel, Rasere’s War
[08:45:29] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): Roo-Haaaaa !
[08:45:37] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): It’s been a long journey to get here, at least 9 years
[08:45:39] Clover Jinx: \o/
[08:45:42] Maureen Boccaccio claps enthusiastically
[08:45:52] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Big congratulations.
[08:46:04] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I got the idea to write about my avatar when I pondered what would happen if SL were to shut down
[08:46:35] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): A few years go by and one of my favorite podcasting authors talked about how to write novels
[08:46:52] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I took it to heart and began writing my stories
[08:47:07] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): very curious which podcaster
[08:47:27] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I finished Rasere’s War and the follow on NOvel this past year
[08:47:33] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Scott Sigler
[08:47:39] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): woohoo!
[08:47:47] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer):smiles
[08:48:01] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): πŸ™‚
[08:48:22] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I started with Google Docs and then upgraded to a novel writing program
[08:48:33] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Then I began to share
[08:48:53] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Many of you here were my beta readers and slogged through my manuscripts
[08:49:13] Clover Jinx: awwww
[08:49:24] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I also shared selected scenes here at Book Island where Selina read them
[08:49:26] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): I don’
[08:49:35] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): I don’t call it slogging.
[08:49:42] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): More like springing.
[08:49:44] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): I wouldn’t either
[08:49:45] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): needless to say I cringed a few times when she stumbled on my words
[08:50:01] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): that prompted me to rewrite for flow and clarity
[08:50:06] Dahlia Jayaram: I always enjoyed the readings.
[08:50:46] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I know I have much further to go with my writing, but I am proud to present what I’ve done so far and share with the world
[08:51:10] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I want to thank you for your support
[08:51:35] Dahlia Jayaram: So proud for you too, Go. =)
[08:51:38] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Now, I’ll open the floor to questions
[08:51:46] Talitha Alice. Artist (talligurl): artists need to support each other
[08:52:05] Dahlia Jayaram: When will the NEXT book be available? πŸ˜€
[08:52:11] Clover Jinx: lol
[08:52:27] Dahlia Jayaram: Ha! I know I am jumping the gun. I am already a fan!
[08:52:39] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): did you ever consider podcasting your books? after listening to other authors doing so?
[08:52:47] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I need to make another revision on my own and then pass it out to beta readers
[08:52:58] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I may even add a bit more conent too
[08:53:00] Clover Jinx: you pull a George RR Martin on us and I’m out though! πŸ˜›
[08:53:01] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): content
[08:53:21] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): so, looking at spring, say…. May-ish?
[08:53:56] Dahlia Jayaram: May-ish for a review draft, you mean?
[08:54:05] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): May for release
[08:54:11] Dahlia Jayaram: ok!
[08:54:11] Clover Jinx: oh cool
[08:54:19] Maureen Boccaccio: sounds good-ish, but only if it’s good timing for you, GoSpeed
[08:54:25] Clover Jinx: now i know what Rhonda is getting for her birthday πŸ™‚
[08:54:30] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I want to hear some feedback from this novel before I release the next
[08:54:32] Dahlia Jayaram: Faster than George Lucas ever did with Star Wars…Take that, George~
[08:54:40] Clover Jinx: lol
[08:55:01] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer) points to maureen
[08:55:14] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): THis lovely lady is in the next novel πŸ˜‰
[08:55:21] Dahlia Jayaram: Woot!
[08:55:21] Clover Jinx: ooooooo
[08:55:31] Maureen Boccaccio is very excited!
[08:55:34] Maureen Boccaccio: couldn’t make up my mind between the two versions, so I got ’em both! πŸ˜€
[08:55:47] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): you got the paperback too?
[08:55:53] Maureen Boccaccio: Natch!
[08:55:58] Clover Jinx: haha
[08:55:58] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): awesome!
[08:56:19] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): What can you tell us about the process of publication and selecting… I’m searching for the word… venues?
[08:56:20] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I made a paperback version because my parents and Draxtor realyl wanted one
[08:56:35] Maureen Boccaccio: sometimes, there’s nothing like holding a book in your hand. Now I sound like James Tiberius Kirk :p
[08:56:37] Clover Jinx: that’s fantastic
[08:56:43] Clover Jinx: hehe
[08:56:45] Trip (tripod.cyclops): lol
[08:56:50] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Kirk was right
[08:57:10] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I got a lot of information from a forum I frequent,
[08:57:39] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): from there I learned about KDP, Smashwords, and Kobo, etc…
[08:57:47] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): I have a house with every wall lined with books…and stacks and stacks…I use a tablet, so I can carry a whole library around, ’cause I can’t carry my house
[08:57:58] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): i’m a na’vi, not a tortoise
[08:58:10] Clover Jinx grins at Txep
[08:58:23] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I also subscribe to a few writing podcasts too. The Smashwords podcast withAdam Coker is very informative
[08:58:36] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): But on Pandora, imagine the size of tortoisoids.
[08:59:06] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): oh for mary poppins carpet bag or a D&D bag of carrying
[08:59:17] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hiya Storm!
[08:59:27] Storm Parx: waves. Hi there
[08:59:37] Storm Parx: Congrats on the book launch
[08:59:42] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): thanks!
[08:59:45] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): πŸ™‚
[08:59:47] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Glad you could stop by
[09:00:11] Storm Parx: It’s always fun sharing when someone’s dream comes true.
[09:00:33] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): By my feet are two signs, the big one opens a browser to my bookstore and the small one gives a notecard
[09:01:09] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): any more questions?
[09:01:34] Maureen Boccaccio: What was the most difficult challenge you faced in writing?
[09:01:58] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Discipline
[09:02:03] Maureen Boccaccio: because whatever it was, you rocked it. πŸ™‚
[09:02:05] Dahlia Jayaram: Did you have a favourite scene in the book?
[09:02:09] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): making myself sit down and write
[09:02:34] Maureen Boccaccio nods
[09:02:41] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Is Rasere’s War a first in a series?
[09:03:00] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hmm, my favorite scene. Well, I would not say favorite as in nice, but the breakup scene was satisfying to write
[09:03:20] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Yes, Trip, it is the first in a planned trilogy
[09:03:36] Trip (tripod.cyclops): good for you
[09:03:45] Otter Xue: Beside second life, where did you draw Inspiration from for the story? Novels, TV, Film… etc.
[09:03:53] Dahlia Jayaram: Hey, I want to say that the cover art turned out excellent, by the way!
[09:04:05] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): thanks Dahlia
[09:04:16] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I’ve had multiple sources of inspiration
[09:04:27] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Real Life for some of the emotional drama
[09:04:49] Trip (tripod.cyclops): drama in RL??? noooooo
[09:04:53] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): For the military contnet I was inspired by some Youtubers who streamed their military operations
[09:05:24] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): This isn’t a question. I thought the whole concept of virtual characters being brought back to life in a future-world simulation was a very interesting idea, inspired.
[09:05:37] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I was impressed by their sense of community a
[09:05:51] Dahlia Jayaram: You certainly provided a lot of military jargon and description. I liked that authenticity.
[09:05:57] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Is this novel to be published inworld?
[09:06:04] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Wikipedia was a big help πŸ™‚
[09:06:35] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): No, not for now Trip. I want to maximise sales online to boost my exposure. At some point I may publish it in SL
[09:06:50] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Going back to Iva
[09:07:24] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): As mentioned in my preface, I had read stories and how it may be possible to recreat personalities from social media content
[09:08:03] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Given the amount of social media people generate
[09:08:12] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): and multiply that
[09:08:16] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): you could ask the podcasters you follow to add in a promotion ad for rasere’s war, GO
[09:08:33] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): most of them seem very supportive of the creator’s community
[09:08:34] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): by a futuristic algorithm on syntehsizing personalities
[09:09:01] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Which podcasters?
[09:09:12] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Drax indicated he’d be interested
[09:09:13] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich) nods, smiling.
[09:10:03] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): scott, mur lafferty. drax…menenge…there’s quite a few that share
[09:10:31] Dahlia Jayaram: You might also give a book talk at the Community Virtual Library.
[09:10:57] Maureen Boccaccio: and oooh! maybe read a section at the next Espresso Night!
[09:11:02] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I Imagine it would be kinda tough to get the attention of most of those,(apart from Drax) as I only have one novel published
[09:11:08] Dahlia Jayaram: Possibly at the Virtual Pioneers group too.
[09:11:26] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Send me a notecard!
[09:12:08] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): May I ask a question regarding a specific character? I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.
[09:12:18] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): you may ask πŸ™‚
[09:12:19] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich) looks around the room.
[09:12:38] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): What was the inspiration for the character Spazz?
[09:12:56] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I used to own several Border Collies in RL
[09:13:18] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): As you may have heard, Border Collies are the smartest breed of dog
[09:13:34] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): When you look in their eyes, you see a person looking back πŸ™‚
[09:13:49] Maureen Boccaccio: (excuse me…must be afk for a few mins)
[09:14:21] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): I like Spazz.
[09:14:23] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): πŸ™‚
[09:14:31] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Oh, yeah
[09:14:49] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Dug, the talking dog from the movie UP was also an inspiration
[09:15:03] Dahlia Jayaram: Will Spazz ever make it to the cover of one of your future books?
[09:15:28] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Possibly, my next cover will be a collage of characters
[09:15:39] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): a lil doggie could certainly make it on there
[09:15:46] Dahlia Jayaram: =)
[09:15:51] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): “I can smell you!”
[09:16:05] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): thief!
[09:16:09] Trip (tripod.cyclops): SQUIRRELL
[09:16:19] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I just watched the Desolation of Smaug last night
[09:16:56] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): You know, thinking of that movie reminded me of writing
[09:17:07] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Benedict Cumberbatch was the right voice for that dragon
[09:17:15] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): There was a lot of grief given about how they made a book into 3 movies
[09:17:35] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): It got me to thinking about my writing process
[09:17:47] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Stories are not set in stone
[09:18:06] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): only so many ideas can fit in one particular telling of a story
[09:18:23] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): JRR Tolkien had a lot of material that never made it to print
[09:18:30] Dahlia Jayaram: That’s true.
[09:19:03] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): In my novel, there were a lot of things I wanted to include, but doing so would ahve made it cumbersome
[09:19:29] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Now, if the novel itselfwas going to be a 2 parter, then yes, I would flesh it out more
[09:19:53] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): So, I can understand why Peter jackson did what he did when he made the movies
[09:20:07] Dahlia Jayaram: Will segments of your second novel be read here at Book Island?
[09:20:19] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): I find that is one of the biggest obstacles to writing; deciding which details to include, deciding what furthers a story and what doesn’t.
[09:20:29] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): They have in the past while I was writing
[09:20:49] Dahlia Jayaram: Ok
[09:21:19] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): As Iwrite the 3rd novel I’ll share at Book Island
[09:21:20] Dahlia Jayaram: Where are you at in the development of your 3rd novel?
[09:21:46] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I just began writing. I have a rough outline in my head and several new characters fleshed out
[09:22:30] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): @Iva. That’s how you get deleted scenes on DVDs πŸ™‚
[09:22:51] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Yes, and some of those cuts are painful.
[09:23:11] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): true, some ore not good, but others you wonder why they were dropped
[09:23:19] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): most often it’s for time
[09:23:19] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Right.
[09:23:27] Dahlia Jayaram: One day I hope you’ll have a party where we can pick “What RL actors will play the characters of your books in the future film.”
[09:23:45] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): My actress is easy
[09:23:48] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Thats a dream I can raise a glass to
[09:23:53] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Janelle Monae!
[09:24:08] Trip (tripod.cyclops): interesting
[09:24:28] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Nice.
[09:24:29] Dahlia Jayaram: I could see that. =)
[09:24:31] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I have a special guest
[09:24:32] Trip (tripod.cyclops): do you have a person in your minds eye when you are writing that character?
[09:24:51] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Well, for most of them, they are based on people I know IN SL
[09:24:57] Trip (tripod.cyclops): nods
[09:24:58] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): My avatars
[09:25:00] Trip (tripod.cyclops): \thank you
[09:25:01] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): and friends
[09:25:20] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I am bringing in one of my ALTs
[09:25:26] Maureen Boccaccio: ooo
[09:25:34] MystiTool HUD 2.0.2: Entering chat range: Marvelous Martian (2m)
[09:25:43] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): hey, marty
[09:25:45] Clover Jinx: Marty!
[09:25:46] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): =}
[09:25:55] Marty Martian (marvelous.martian): Hello!
[09:25:55] Dahlia Jayaram: ??? Applauds!!! ???
[09:25:59] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Hi Marty!
[09:26:00] Maureen Boccaccio: Hi Marty!
[09:26:19] Dahlia Jayaram: Take a bow, Marty. =)
[09:26:32] Marty Martian (marvelous.martian) smiles and waves
[09:27:19] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): handsome devil, isn’t he?
[09:27:22] Dahlia Jayaram: Marty, how does it feel to be a star?
[09:27:29] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Marty, you look marvelous.
[09:27:29] Marty Martian (marvelous.martian): awww shucks
[09:27:44] Maureen Boccaccio: So much less green than his cousin Marvin! πŸ˜€
[09:27:51] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): So, as you look at him, you can maybe get a sense of what he’s like
[09:28:20] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): and from there you can imagine what he’d be like in certain circumstances
[09:28:28] Maureen Boccaccio nods
[09:28:31] Dahlia Jayaram: I hope he dances well.
[09:28:32] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Imaginations does all the rest
[09:29:29] Dahlia Jayaram: Will you continue with Marty as a character in the 2nd and 3rd novels?
[09:29:50] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): He’s present in the second novel and may make an appearance in the 3rd
[09:29:57] Otter Xue: In the Book, Is GoSpeed is an AI NPC? Is she self aware?
[09:30:16] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Yes, she is
[09:30:45] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): All the AIs are self aware and know their place in the world
[09:31:01] Dahlia Jayaram: Will there be Rasere’s War t-shirts and similar sold to fans?
[09:31:16] Dahlia Jayaram: Merchandising is the name of the game!
[09:31:23] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I have no plans at thist ime
[09:31:56] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Over the trilogy the NPCs gain their autonomy and learn to live by their own rules
[09:32:39] Dahlia Jayaram: I’m excited to see how that plays out.
[09:32:41] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): I’m looking forward to the next stories.
[09:32:47] Clover Jinx: me too!
[09:32:47] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): tee-shirts with the characters on them, or the book covers
[09:33:22] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I see Otter typing a question
[09:33:29] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): inworld would be easy…
[09:33:50] Otter Xue: I’m sorry, I think that may be chat lag.
[09:33:52] Clover Jinx: Simvie Loko University tees =~.^=
[09:34:03] Dahlia Jayaram: Oh, about thet-shirt merchandising…I absolutely meant here inworld, not in RL.
[09:34:11] Otter Xue: I was making a purchase πŸ˜‰
[09:34:20] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Oh, for those of you wondering, Simvie Loko is an analog of Second Life
[09:34:41] Dahlia Jayaram: Oh, good thing to point out~
[09:35:03] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Simvie Loko is an earth sized globe featuring a relaistic natural environment
[09:35:14] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): 1 g gravity, normal atmosphere
[09:35:23] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): With much larger regions? ;p
[09:35:42] Clover Jinx: tier is cheaper too πŸ˜›
[09:35:48] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): it is warmer than Earth, which at the tome of the novel is undergoing a bad cooling period
[09:36:00] Dahlia Jayaram: Avid book fans will want to visit the locations of your scenes. You could give tours.
[09:36:03] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): No sim boundaries at all Clover!
[09:36:51] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): sansar! XD
[09:36:53] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): So, going back to the NPCs
[09:37:14] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): GoSpeed, and her kin, are self aware NPCs who serve human Users
[09:37:50] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): The NPCs are there to keep the world running while t he Users are not logged in
[09:38:59] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): whoops, thought I lost connection
[09:39:04] Dahlia Jayaram: They manage a lot of things, yes?
[09:39:24] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Yes, GoSpeed in her 40 years of runt ime had all sorts of jobs
[09:39:44] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Manging the airport, a radio station, giving tours, etc….
[09:40:20] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Rotating jobs keeps them fresh πŸ™‚
[09:41:13] Dahlia Jayaram: Will GoSpeed continue being a tour guide operator in the next novel, or will she expand her professional role?
[09:41:30] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Oooo, good question.
[09:42:00] Maureen Boccaccio: IGoSpeed, I have to scoot -pesky RL calls. So happy for you…Congrats on your accomplishment! πŸ™‚
[09:42:01] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Simvie Loko changes a lot by the end of the novel. There will be more for her to explore and experience
[09:42:13] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Take Care maureen!
[09:42:18] Dahlia Jayaram: After motorcycling off into the sunset with that handsome man, I wondered if she would be satisfied to just continue with her job as it was or undertake something new.
[09:42:18] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): so glad you came
[09:42:24] Maureen Boccaccio waves – have a fun day, folks!
[09:42:27] Otter Xue: Do you take any inspiration from the movie Summer Wars (2009)?
[09:42:30] Clover Jinx: bye Mo
[09:42:31] Dahlia Jayaram: waves to Maureen
[09:42:39] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Seeya Mo.
[09:43:07] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): That biker was inspired by the video by A_Ha
[09:43:26] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): “Take On me”
[09:43:42] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hi Edmund!
[09:43:49] Edmund Broek: Hello!
[09:43:54] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): One of the most interesting videos of its time.
[09:44:13] Edmund Broek: just a sec
[09:44:14] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): easily the best video from the 80s
[09:44:22] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): πŸ™‚
[09:45:02] Clover Jinx: easily
[09:45:53] Dahlia Jayaram: I hope you will update your blog about today’s book launch event and tease us with some next-novel tid-bits. =)
[09:45:54] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): I love that one!
[09:46:12] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I’ve snapped a pic πŸ™‚
[09:46:25] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Oh, Another interestinf tid bit on the NPCs
[09:46:29] Dahlia Jayaram: I’ve taken many and can share with you later as well.
[09:46:34] Clover Jinx: me too
[09:46:54] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): When GoSpeed rezzed, she did not arrive fully formed as an adult
[09:47:27] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): There’s too much knowledge to cram in al at once, so to compensate, she has a short childhood
[09:47:29] Dahlia Jayaram: She had other “selfs” which she detailed in this novel.
[09:48:02] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): On her rez day, she materializes at the hospital as a teenager
[09:48:19] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): she’s adopted by guardians who “raise” her for 4 years
[09:48:25] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): and then she’s emancipated
[09:48:34] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): That’s actually very sweet.
[09:48:56] Dahlia Jayaram: Kicked out of the house, in other words, hihihi
[09:49:04] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I mean, really, who wants to arrive as a baby, when you can show up in a teen bod πŸ˜‰
[09:49:24] Dahlia Jayaram: Right!
[09:49:40] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich) l;aughs.
[09:49:55] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I’ve written up her rez day scene, but don;t know if I’ll include it in a novel
[09:50:22] Dahlia Jayaram: Go, I must be going for now. I’m so happy for you and thank you for doing this book launch event!
[09:50:36] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Thank you so much for coming!
[09:50:54] Dahlia Jayaram: Yay! Hugs for now.
[09:51:30] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Well, if we’re all questioned out, we can dance a few steps πŸ˜‰
[09:51:59] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I hope you’ve liked the music selection today
[09:52:07] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): That is an energetic couch!
[09:52:37] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): Roo-Haaaaa !
[09:52:37] Clover Jinx: Akash!
[09:52:42] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Akasha!
[09:53:03] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Greetings Akasha. πŸ™‚
[09:53:25] Akasha Sternberg: hey folks sorry IΒ΄m late XD
[09:53:41] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): You missed all the questions, but you’ve arrived in time for the dancing
[09:53:50] EZ Animator: Invite someone to dance. If you do not see your friend listed, you may need to move closer.
[09:54:21] Akasha Sternberg: well thats a start^^
[09:54:30] Akasha Sternberg: happy birthday Kathi
[09:54:37] tsawke’syulang (kathi1974): thanks
[09:54:46] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Yes, happy Birthday Kathi!
[09:55:00] Clover Jinx: happy birthday!
[09:55:16] txep’ongokx (jadeka.wirefly): party is this evening at 7:00 – hope you all can make it =
[09:55:55] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I’ll take some caffiene!
[09:56:14] Akasha Sternberg: mh almost time for me to get up at 7pm slt ^^
[09:56:42] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Are we all hearing my music?
[09:56:57] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): But it’s Sssaaturrdayyyy Akasha.
[09:57:04] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): I hear it Go.
[09:57:18] Akasha Sternberg: I know… still ill and the BF is here ^^
[09:57:24] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Ah.
[09:57:48] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): We do have to take care of our real lives or they will dry up and blow away.
[09:57:50] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Akasha, I have a bad cold myself
[09:57:54] Akasha Sternberg: been sorting my inventory for the last like 5ish hours and just came over cos youΒ΄re all online and I wanted to say hi hehehehe
[09:57:59] Akasha Sternberg: get well soon Go
[09:58:06] Clover Jinx: i’m trying desperately not to get sick
[09:58:15] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich) blows Go a kiss, from a safe distance.
[09:58:45] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Nice Go.
[09:59:03] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): You’re so attentive to people.
[09:59:14] Clover Jinx: hehe
[09:59:14] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): hee heee
[09:59:49] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I’m hoping the beta readers here are following along with the music selections
[10:00:06] Akasha Sternberg: hey Tali^^
[10:00:11] Clover Jinx flirts shamelessly with Marty
[10:00:19] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Akasha’s carrying her clutch, totally ready to tip.
[10:00:22] Marty Martian (marvelous.martian): indeed
[10:00:25] Akasha Sternberg: uhhh
[10:00:29] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): lol
[10:00:32] Akasha Sternberg: hehehehehehe
[10:01:39] Clover Jinx: i’d make a great RPer
[10:01:46] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I bet!
[10:01:47] Clover Jinx: “you there hop on that pose ball”
[10:02:06] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Forever Man was a nice touch.
[10:02:20] Marty Martian (marvelous.martian) is a nice guy
[10:02:32] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Aww… too bad.
[10:02:34] Clover Jinx: mmmm very nice
[10:04:46] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): I guess I should copy-paste some of the chat for my blog πŸ™‚
[10:04:57] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): πŸ™‚
[10:04:58] Akasha Sternberg: do so XD

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