Rasere’s War will be available in Paperback

Good news for those who love to hold books in their hands! There will be a print on demand version showing up soon on the Amazon book page. The format is paperback, 6×9 inch dimensions, 323 pages. Price will be $9.99 USD. Why so much? Well, since it is print on demand the cost per unit is much higher than a mass-produced book. The print cost is nearly half of the price and of course, Amazon takes a cut. The eBook will remain $0.99 USD for the foreseeable future. Why just $0.99 when you see eBooks going for $2.99 or more? The low price is an enticement to read this book and hopefully purchase and read the other books planned for the series.

Yes, the image depicts a hardback book, but it’s a similar size.


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