Rasere’s War – An Introduction

Rasere’s War is my first, full-length novel. I began writing it in the spring of 2016 and finished it in December 2016. This story is the first of a proposed trilogy of stories covering the years that the protagonist, GoSpeed Rasere, gets swept up by larger events and propelsĀ her to her new future….



In the next 500 years, mankind undergoes an amazing transformation. A world wracked by wars, political strife, and natural disasters is brought to heel by a benevolent Artificial Intelligence which calls itself Gaiana. It’s behind the scenes manipulation aided by a persuasive soft sell of an ideology embracing rationality and self-control tames the negative impulses of man and eventually propels it into an age of prosperity never seen before. People lead calm, productive lives (those who actually have jobs). Crime is virtually nonexistent, religion has been rendered meaningless as obsolete as a “heaven on earth” is deemed to exist. The very few who do not conform are isolated into various points on the globe. South Asia, The Amazon, and Antarctica.

On a negative note, risky ventures are now entirely out of the hands of man and in the hands of robots and AI. Men are not regular visitors to space, they no longer dive the ocean depths, nor do they build anything by hand. This idleness, coupled with their repressed emotions began simmering beneath the surface. The only safe place to express themselves or emulate forbidden activities is to go into advanced Virtual Worlds or Simulations. Even there the rules governing actions and expressions are strict.

But not all worlds are so strict. A few operate behind walls of concealment and obfuscation. While they may seem tame to us, the 21st-century reader, to the 25th-century person, they were thrilling. One of those worlds was Simvie Loko. Simvie Loko was an Earth-sized globe featuring a welcoming environment with many tourist themed islands, sprawling grasslands, and snow-capped mountains. Due to its low profile on the network, a number of dissatisfied Users (as the visitors were known) would meet in privacy and discuss their dissatisfaction with their real lives. These talks would often culminate in real life activities that disrupted the peace.

This disruption soon caught the attention of Gaiana and his helpers. Once it was traced to subversive activity in a few virtual worlds, he decided to act…….

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