Upload your mind to a virtual simulation?

Two of the main characters in my upcoming novel, We Built This City, are humans from the year 2025 who cryogenically freeze their bodies after getting serious radiation sickness. Due to the damage incurred by the process, they are not able to be physically revived but instead have their brains uploaded into the virtual world of Simvie Loko. Scientist are now exploring the process of doing such a thing as witnessed by this news article:


Meet Andrew and Brandy Jenson, the married frozen couple who move to Bay City.

Book sales to date

It’s been 3 weeks since Rasere’s War was released on Amazon and numerous other online bookstores. To date, I have made 25 eBook and 11 Paperback sales on Amazon and 3 eBook sales via Smashwords. 39 copies aren’t too bad considering the low level of promoting I’ve done. I want to thank everyone who has purchased a copy and is enjoying it. If you can afford the time, please give a thoughtful review.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078TR6K9P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_IZIuAbXQNDX1C


Book Island release party transcript

On the date of Rasere’s War release, I hosted an event on Book Island in Second Life while in the guise of my avatar, GoSpeed Rasere. Here is a lightly edited transcript of the event.

[08:29:07] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Hello Tripod!
[08:29:14] Dahlia Jayaram: Hi Trip =)
[08:29:15] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Good morning
[08:29:25] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Congratulations on your publishing
[08:29:34] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Hi Dahlia
[08:29:40] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Thank you!
[08:30:12] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): and my playlist has kicked in
[08:30:19] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Is this your first experience with self publication?
[08:30:43] Trip (tripod.cyclops): Hello Iva
[08:30:53] Dahlia Jayaram: Hi Iva
[08:31:02] Iva (ivanova.shostakovich): Hiya.
[08:32:10] GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed.racer): Greetings early arrivals! Continue reading Book Island release party transcript

Rasere’s War will be available in Paperback

Good news for those who love to hold books in their hands! There will be a print on demand version showing up soon on the Amazon book page. The format is paperback, 6×9 inch dimensions, 323 pages. Price will be $9.99 USD. Why so much? Well, since it is print on demand the cost per unit is much higher than a mass-produced book. The print cost is nearly half of the price and of course, Amazon takes a cut. The eBook will remain $0.99 USD for the foreseeable future. Why just $0.99 when you see eBooks going for $2.99 or more? The low price is an enticement to read this book and hopefully purchase and read the other books planned for the series.

Yes, the image depicts a hardback book, but it’s a similar size.